Working experience

I am interested in project management, testing computer programs, business enterprise programs, manufacture, quality, various calculations and data analysis. I was working up creating the automated testing systems for computer programs, production management programs, to supervise over industrial-technologicaloffice. I have introduced progressive ideas, represented them at conferences. I have learn to program the computer by myself. Also I have co-operated with scientists of chair of statistics at Vilnius University.

I would like to apply the experience there where the initiative, independence, carefulness is appreciated.

The three last years I am tested systems of business management and accounting programs  in the computer company . Examine and wrote assignments for programmers. Adjust reports under changes of standards.

Now I have gone deep in content management systems (CMS) for web, technology of automatic testing, project (crm) and business enterprise programs (ERP). Can install, configuring and support, to build web site.


Pranas Vaitkus – Vilnius University, Docent, +370 68781116, Naugarduko st. 24  Vilnius Lithuania
Rimvydas Savickas –  Vilniaus Vingio Mechanika, Director, +370 5 2392501, Savanorių 176 Vilnius Lithuania

Vytautas Liaudanskas – Tanvitas, Director, +370 68576543, Vilnius Lithuania

Samples of work

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